Terms and Conditions

1. WINGLUCK and Itsilver Innovation and Infotainment Llp reserve the exclusive right to change/alter/amend the prices of products, other costs or amount of Credits at any point of time as its sole discretion with prior intimation to the customer.

2. Definitions:

User: means the User and /Or Customer who is named in the Online Registration Form.
Company: means Itsilver Innovation and Infotainment Llp.
WINGLUCK: Trade mark of Itsilver Innovation and Infotainment Llp.
Service: means selling products online with cheaper and lowest rates.
WINGLUCK Credits: means the credits require to quote on any product and user have to purchase credits to give his quotation on any product.
Website: WINGLUCK official website i.e. www.wingluck.com , where the user can access all the WINGLUCK services.

3. Provision of Service:

a. Services will be available to the customer only in India through WINGLUCK website but anybody can able to access the website worldwide, subject to the factors like acts of God, fires, strikes and embargoes, war, insurrection, riots and other causes beyond the control of the company including atmospheric/ topographical hindrances. In no event will the company be liable for direct or indirect, consequential or economic loss or damage, including loss of profits and loss of reputation / defamation, even if advised of the possibility thereof.

b. The company may suspend whole or part of the services at any time without prior notice. If the server fails or requires modification or for reasons beyond the control of the company, the user will remain liable for the service charges during that period of suspension.

c. The WINGLUCK is and will always remain the exclusive property of the company and be subject to the change at any point of time. If the WINGLUCK Login Credentials are lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged, the user will be responsible for payment of service charges & bills, till the service is deactivated. The company will replace the account only on written intimation as soon as is reasonably practicable but reserve the right to charge in doing so.

4. Charges and Payments:

a. The user shall make the following payments.

i. To buy or purchase product with discount rates.
ii. To buy WINGLUCK Credits.
iii. Shipping Cost, If applicable

b. The company is accepting the payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque, Demand Draft, POS, VPP and not accepting the cash payment, user will be responsible if he/she gives any payment in cash anywhere. User can only deposit cash payment to India Post or directly to Company's Bank account.
c. The payment for purchasing WINGLUCK Credits will not be refundable under any circumstances. No refund will be initiated in favor of user in any case.
d. The payment is non transferable and cannot be used for another person.
e. All the payment is inclusive of all the taxes (GST).

5. Termination

a. Once User has register his/her account it cannot be deactivated. User can delete the account only on request.

b. The company may, at its sole discretion, terminate the service if the user commits any breach of the terms & conditions contained herein.

6. Governing Law & JURISDICTION

a. The terms and conditions contained herein shall be governed by the Laws of India and shall be subject to the exclusive Jalandhar jurisdiction.
b. Jurisdiction with respect to any litigation or legal claim arising out of any dispute between the participant and WINGLUCK shall be with the Courts at Jalandhar.

7. Confidentiality

a. Both the company and the customer shall keep in confidence any information received by either of them irrespective of the business or the matters concerning the other and shall not disclose the same to any third party, except to any concerned authorities, provided however, the company shall be entitled to disclose the details of the customer's personal details, name, address, documents (including personal identification proof, residential identification proof, pan card) contact information and other information to Govt of India.

8. About Service

a. Use real id to buy on WINGLUCK
b. Quoting in group is strictly not allowed.
c. Family member can quote for different products.


Participation in the games offered by WINGLUCK does not constitute or result in a relationship of a 'service provider' and 'consumer', as defined under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, between WINGLUCK and the participant respectively. WINGLUCK simply conducts a game whereby a participant may use his skill to win a product or an offer at a discounted rate. WINGLUCK is neither the vendor, nor an agent of the vendor, of the services or products offered on the website. WINGLUCK, at best, becomes a facilitator between the vendor and the winning participant, and in terms of the offer, bears the cost towards the discount offered to the winning participant.


a. WINGLUCK shall not be responsible to provide any travel documents such as Passport, Visa, Travel Permit, travel insurance etc. WINGLUCK's liability is restricted to purchase of the tour package at the promised discounted rate from the tour operator, for the benefit/use of the winning participant. WINGLUCK would not be responsible for any future act of the winning participant, which may result into either cancellation or non-performance of agreement on the part of the tour operator.

b. WINGLUCK shall not be responsible or liable in case the tour package on offer cannot be made available on the ground that the country, or any one of the countries, which is promised in such tour, have either become inaccessible due to any extreme weather condition, any natural disaster or calamity or if there is an advisory from Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, to the effect that travelling to such a country is to be avoided on grounds of safety due to rioting, agitations or any other adverse geopolitical situation which may have ensued in the said country or region.

c. The winning participant would have to provide to personal information of the travelers or to the tour operator, for the purposes of booking and reservations. In case the winning participant fails to provide such information or document, as may be necessary, in the time stipulated by such tour operator, or provides incorrect and false information, to the tour operator, WINGLUCK shall not be responsible for cancellation of the tour due to the above referred acts or omissions on the part of the winning participant.

d. WINGLUCK shall not make, or is not liable to make any change, modification, alteration or adhere to any special request, with respect to the Holiday Voucher / Tour Package. However, such changes, modifications, alterations or special request, if any, could be requested to the tour operator directly by the winning participant.

e. Any claim arising out of deficiency of service with respect to the Holiday Voucher / Tour Package would lie against the tour operator. Under no circumstances would WINGLUCK be responsible or liable to make good the losses suffered on the above mentioned ground.


a. Vehicle images and descriptions posted on our website pages are for demonstrative purposes only. Please note that actual vehicle may differ slightly from specifications and/or the pictures.

b. WINGLUCK shall not provide or be liable to provide any mandatory document required for registration of the product. WINGLUCK shall not be responsible for arranging for winning participant's proof of identity or a driving license issued by the competent authority.

c. WINGLUCK shall be liable to only pay for the ex-showroom price of the car/bike. All costs towards registration, insurance, accessories etc. shall be borne by the winning participant himself unless otherwise specified.

d. Any loss of property or life by usage of the car/bike offered to the winning participant shall not be the responsibility of WINGLUCK. WINGLUCK shall not indemnify any winning participant against any third-party claim arising out of the users of the car/bike.

e. Any claim arising out of deficiency of service or manufacturing defect with respect to the car/bike would lie against the dealer or the manufacturer. Under no circumstances would WINGLUCK be responsible or liable to make goods and the losses suffered on the above mentioned grounds.

f. All terms and conditions set-out or laid down by the agent, dealer or manufacturer, as the case may be, shall bind the winning participant, as if they were set out in a bipartite agreement between agent, dealer or manufacturer as one party and the winning participant as the other party.

g. Any claim or application for redemption of warranty, with respect to the car/bike shall be made directly from the agent, dealer or manufacturer, as the case may be.

h. WINGLUCK reserves the right to choose the colour of the vehicle while procuring the same for the winning participant. However, WINGLUCK may accede to a colour of the winning participant's choice if the winning participant is willing to make up for any difference in the cost on account of choice of colour.


13. WINGLUCK only provides opportunity to its customers to win/buy the products or services on offer at a discounted rate. All other incidents attached to the ownership of the product or to being the recipient of the services offered e.g. warranty, guaranty, service, maintenance etc., if any, shall be governed by the Terms & Conditions set out or laid down by the supplier, agent, dealer, manufacturer, tour operator or service provider, as the case may be, and the same shall have to be pursued by the winning participant himself.


The products or services offered by WINGLUCK are meant only for the winning participant and under no circumstances will they be transferable to another party. However, in case of a car/bike, the winning participant may, after he has become the lawful owner of the same, transfer the same to any party in accordance with law.

16. WINGLUCK reserves the right to change, alter or modify the products or service on offer at any time without prior notice to the participants.

17. WINGLUCK reserves the right to extend the discount closing date without and prior notice to its participants.


a. Before using WINGLUCK services you are requested to please read thoroughly, all the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other policies/offer documents.
b. In case of any question please feel free to contact us.
c. Minimum age for using our services or entering into a legally binding contract is 18 years. Person (s) under the age of 18 shouldn't register on the website. In order to participate in the bidding process, you need to furnish valid requirements such as credit card number, billing address, and credit card expiration date or other payment mechanism. We don't disclose your information to any unauthorized third party.


a. WINGLUCK is not a game of chance, the price quoted tests the skills of the people to come out with unique number propositions and so is not game of chances.

b. This is a product enabling our customers to use their skill set to quote for various products or services listed on the Portal.

c. 'Highest and unique Quote' or 'Lowest and Unique Quote' (Depend on Quotation type) will be declared the winner or winning participant on the end of a game.

d. Upon quoting, it is agreed upon that you have read, understood and agreed to all terms and polices of this portal.

e. If you quote and your quote is selected as unique and highest then you are legally bound to follow through with sale of item.

f. It is agreed upon that at the time of quoting you have resolved and exhausted all and any questions concerning the item(s) of which you quote for. High quoters found asking questions after the close of the game will be denied sale of item and item shall be relisted.

g. We rely on updates from other users at time of quoting and post updated info promptly and do-not take responsibility or claim geniuses of any Quote.

h. It is understood that all sales are final and all items sold as it is, with some exceptions of course. Please refer to our Return Policy above for details.

i. Prize won is non transferable.

j. Prize won will not be exchanged with any other product/Service.

k. All Quotes will be subject to Tax Laws of India.

l. Winner will be responsible to obtain all necessary approvals, licenses, permits, insurance, Visa, Passport etc. to legally use the product or services as per the Laws of Land.

m. All the payments will be made through digital payment mode using online payment gateway.

n. WINGLUCK reserves the right to prohibit an individual to use the WINLUCK Service without providing any reasons or explanation.

o. WINGLUCK reserves the right to modify its policies, terms and conditions from time to time.

p. User must provide proof of his identity (passport or national identity card) to claim the product which he/she has bought through WINGLUCK. This identity document must contain a number, a signature, a date of birth and a photograph. User can ask the WINGLUCK representative who will tell you which type of identity document they accept.

r. The personal data of user in application is collected for the purpose of WINGLUCK online registration and to be used in the future. This data is to be disclosed, processed and stored by the company for the purpose of such administration.

s. Your personal data may be processed in an anonymous form by the company for statistical and research purpose for the WINGLUCK Registration. And it is confirmed that it will not disclose personal information about candidates to others except as stated in Confidentiality (7.a.).

t. Your personal data including emails, phone number, and addresses will be used by WINGLUCK to send the newsletters, activities alerts on SMS or sending any kind of document to your address respectively.


A contract is the obligation between WINGLUCK and users. A valid contract allows users to involve in the auction process. By submitting your Quotes, you make a legal offer to buy the product. Once accepted by WINGLUCK, a contract is initiated between the buyer and the site for the sale and purchase with the terms validated by the company from time to time.


Your login ID and password is your sole property that you use to access our services. Once assigned to you, you are the person responsible for its safety and unauthorized use. If your password is compromised or otherwise disclosed, change it immediately to prevent any risk of loss. You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your personal information.


The Credits held in user accounts have no expiry date. If the Credits have not been used, they will remain in user's account panel and can be used in future.


At WINGLUCK we strictly prohibit users to Quote under a false name or with invalid credit card details. Such attempts are deemed as straight violation of laws. A bidder found guilty of fraudulent bidding, will be reported to relevant state and law enforcement agencies for further course of action.

A BUYER may not resell a product obtained through the site unless a written permission/NOC is obtained from WINGLUCK. If he is found guilty of doing so, the company reserves the right to suspend the account without further notice.

24. Following are the activities that strongly prohibited on WINGLUCK and may invite stringent legal action.

- Accessing, modifying or destroying any information of another WINGLUCK user by any fraudulent means.
- Any attempt to infringe the WINGLUCK property
- Manipulation the Quoting process by placing fictitious Quotes.
- Fail to pay for the items purchased.
- Post content that is false, inaccurate, misleading and defamatory.
- Attempt to collect personal data of the users on the website.


WINGLUCK reserves the right to terminate these terms or suspend access to the site any time, without prior intimation. Termination may take place if your use of the Service violates these terms or potentially illegal to WINGLUCK.


Once registered with WINGLUCK, you shall at all time comply with various rules regulations put in place to watch the use of the services including Quoting and purchase on the site. We shall perform no obligations set forth in this agreement if any of your acts would violate any present or future law, regulation or policy set by the authorities.

27. Others

a. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change.
b. Please visit our website www.wingluck.com for the updated Terms & condition.

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